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Wheel of Consent Diagram


There are several different versions of diagrams illustrating the Wheel of Consent.  Some are quite complex, intended to illustrate the wide range of applications and understandings which the Wheel reveals as we study it more deeply.  The diagram below aims to illustrate the simplicity of the essence of the Wheel of Consent, which arises from asking two questions: 


  1. Who is doing?

  2. Who is it for?


  • The first question is answered on the vertical axis (either I am doing, or you are doing)

  • The second question is answered on the horizontal axis (it is either for you or for me). 


The two answers to each of two questions create four quadrants of experience. 

   You can download a free pdf with slides illustrating this by clicking on the image below:




wheel image.jpg



Each of the quadrants above can be seen as a 'building block' of consensual touch.  The quadrants also work together as two diagonal pairs, as indicated by the matching colours  - top right occurs with bottom left (purple), and top left occurs with bottom right (blue).  The Wheel of Consent is a practice in which we are invited to experience each of these four quadrants to discover our own personal relationship with them, and also to gain a greater understanding of the different types of consent agreement required for each one.  

The circle which bounds the quadrants, or 'Wheel', represents the consent of both people to the touch that is happening.


To properly get to know the Wheel, in both a conceptual and an embodied way, we recommend attending one of our Wheel of Consent workshops.

Our workshops last anything from 2 hours to 2 days.  Please contact us to find out more

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