Our Team


Our team of facilitators, co-facilitators and assistants are passionate about consent and bring an extensive range of experience, qualifications and backgrounds to our workshops.


Rupert James Alison, Director and Facilitator


Rupert has trained in depth with many internationally renowned teachers of  intimacy, relationship, communication and consent.  He has been holding space for groups since 1992, when he qualified as a yoga teacher, and taught prisoners, university students, and the general public.  For the last decade he has facilitated consent-related workshops in the UK and in Europe.  Informed choice and an inclusive approach are central to all his work.  Rupert is based in Oxford, UK, and is an accredited Wheel of Consent facilitator with Betty Martin's  School of Consent.  Rupert's pronouns are he/him [what's this?]

Rose C. Jiggens, Facilitator


I am a practitioner working with individuals, couples, polycules and groups, both online and in London UK. I have taught the Wheel of Consent in sessions and groups since 2016, along with my main co-facilitator Rupert James Alison. Our approach is to recognise that consent is influenced by many factors, including cultural dynamics of oppression and privilege, as well as our personal trauma histories. I offer Family Constellations and Trauma Sensitive Breathwork too: if you feel stuck and ready for change, I usually have something in my therapeutic and educative toolkit that will help.  I live with my partners and chosen family in East London: we are GSRD, like dancing, walking our neighbours dogs, feeding squirrels and crows.  https://trueselfsystems.com/


Daniel Morrison, Co-Facilitator


Daniel is a counsellor offering online video sessions as well as face to face work in Oswestry and Manchester. He's a non binary trans man and specialises in working with clients around Gender Sexuality and Relationship Diversity.  He's primarily trained in person centred therapy but draws on other modalities to create a holistic approach that's right for the individual.  He also runs workshops supporting people to explore sacred sexuality, connection and intimacy with embodied consent.


Meg Fenwick, Co-Facilitator    

Meg's primary training is using theatre and comedy to address edgy, complex issues, and her background includes a trauma based approach, NVC and restorative justice.  Meg has facilitated a massive variety of groups over the past 22 years, using consent, play, sex-positivity and drama to create a permissive hilarious space with much heart.  Meg is also a qualified relationship and sexual intimacy coach with her own practice, as well as taking theatre into prisons, education and community settings.  Lovemegfenwick@gmail.com


Julia Hancock, Co-Facilitator


Julia has been facilitating intimacy and consent-based groups and private sessions in Brighton since 2010.  She has enjoyed collaborating with Rupert since 2017 co-facilitating workshops in Brighton.  She loves inviting individuals and groups into their capacity to chose and communicate more of what they want and how to explore pleasure.  Julia is a certified Wheel of Consent workshop facilitator.     https://www.heartnova.com  www.wheelofconsent.co.uk 

Elise Tassell, Assistant


Elise is an Earth centred teacher & facilitator of a range of embodiment practices, including yoga, dance & connection with nature through ritual and ceremony.
Her intention is to offer safe and supportive spaces, to be seen, heard and held as part of a collective and to provide tools and experiences for awakening your unique potential as a human being.



Our workshops last anything from 1 hour to 3 days.  Please contact us to find out more