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About Us


Our diverse team of facilitators, co-facilitators and assistants feels passionate about the positive changes which good consent and boundaries skills can bring to people's lives and communities.   We bring an extensive range of experience, qualifications and backgrounds to our workshops for students and the general public.

Our Team



Rupert James Alison

Rupert (he/him) has trained in depth with many internationally renowned teachers of  intimacy, relationship, communication and consent.  He has been holding space for groups since 1992 and has facilitated consent workshops in the UK and in Europe for over a decade.  Informed choice and an inclusive, trauma-informed  approach are central to all his work.   Rupert is based in Oxford, UK, and is an accredited Wheel of Consent facilitator with Betty Martin's  School of Consent.



Rose C. Jiggens

Rose (they/them) is practitioner working with individuals, couples, polycules and groups, both online and in London UK. They have taught the Wheel of Consent in sessions and groups since 2016, along with their main co-facilitator Rupert James Alison. Their approach is to recognise that consent is influenced by many factors, including cultural dynamics of oppression and privilege, as well as our personal trauma histories. They also offer Family Constellations and Trauma Sensitive Breathwork.  They live with their partners and chosen family in East London: they are GSRD, like dancing, walking their neighbours' dogs, feeding squirrels and crows.

Rose Jiggens

Bob Manickam

Bob (they/them) is a youth and community worker currently working as a Training Co-ordinator for 2BU Somerset, a charity that supports LGBTQ+ young people. As a neuroqueer, trans person of colour, Bob’s lived experience and work has led to extensive studies regarding trauma, consent, sexual health and EDI (Equity, Diversity and Inclusion) over the last 3 decades. Bob completed the Teaching the Wheel of Consent in Groups training in 2020 and has assisted on in-depth Wheel of Consent trainings in both the UK and USA, as well as on student consent workshops at Oxford University and Cambridge University.

Bob Manickam

Helena Laughton

Helena (she/they) is an educator of consent, sex education, and authentic relating.  She is a member of the Ethics Committee of the Associated Board of Somatic Sexologists and is professionally trained in Somatic Sex Education and as a Circling Leader (circling is a form of authentic communication and embodied presence in relation to others.)  She is currently training at the Cambridge Body Psychotherapy Centre and has co-facilitated on several Wheel of Consent weekend-long workshops and student consent workshops.  Their interests include an integration of sexuality with meditation, and how being more true to ourselves allows us to be more kind, creative and generous with others.

Helena Laughton


Daniel Morrison

Daniel (he/him) is a nonbinary trans man, a writer and parent to his teenagers. His background is in working therapeutically in residential settings with young people who have emotional and behavioural disorders, neurodiversity or a background of trauma and abuse. He is qualified primarily in person-centred counselling and EMDR although he draws on other therapeutic approaches as needed, and specialises in working with clients around Gender Sexuality and Relationship Diversity.  He also runs queer-centred workshops supporting people to explore sexuality and intimacy with embodied consent, and has assisted on many Wheel of Consent workshops.

Dan Morrison

Eshana Spiers

Eshana (she/her) is a Psychosexual Somatics Coach for adults and a Relationships and Sex Educator for Young People. She has over 13 years' experience of working with young people for both statutory and voluntary organisations such as the NHS, Surrey County Council and the YMCA. She has managed a Sexual Health Drop in Service for Young People, and has worked alongside the Police to support children and young people who have uploaded indecent images online, as well as running programmes to young men around the themes of ihealthy relationships, consent, and sexual harassment. All the programmes she runs  are trauma informed and focus on embodiment, creativity and inclusion.

Eshana Spiers
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