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Welcome to the
Art of Consent

We offer two kinds of workshop:

helping students navigate social and sexual consent and boundaries


for anyone who would like to take their consent skills to the next level


Student consent workshop


"You don't give consent.  You arrive at consent, together"

- Dr. Betty Martin, Wheel of Consent

Why consent isn't always as 'simple as tea'...


On the face of it, consent should be simple.  Yes means yes, and no means no.  We clearly communicate exactly what we feel, and it is immediately understood and responded to appropriately by others. 

However, establishing consent can sometimes be challenging for many reasons, including peer pressure, social conditioning, personal trauma, our experiences of privilege or marginalisation and other power imbalances.  Consent is rarely portrayed well in the media and most people have little or no education in consent and boundaries.

The good news is that consent skills can be improved.  With practice, we can learn to notice, value and communicate our boundaries and desires, whilst more attentively honouring those of others.  This improves relationships in all areas of our lives, not just during sex.

That's why the Art of Consent exists!  Founded in Oxford in 2017 by Rupert James Alison, we are grateful to be supported by a superb team of assistants and co-facilitators - offering the highest standards of consent education to university students and to anyone else who would like to take their consent skills to the next level.


consent training university students






"The students loved this more holistic approach to addressing issues around consent."


Claire Thompson,

Wellbeing Coordinator, Fitzwilliam College,

Cambridge University


"Being able to experience these workshops was such a gift; it's already positively impacted my mental health."


Tyra Amofah-Akardom, Graduate Student,

Fitzwilliam College,

Cambridge University

"The workshop was VERY well received - thank you again."


Rev Dr. Andrew Shamel, Chaplain and Student Welfare Coordinator, Lincoln College, Oxford University

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