About the Wheel of Consent



Dr. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent is a cutting edge model of consent based on, but not requiring, exchanges of touch.  It distinguishes between the ‘doing’ aspect of an interaction - who is doing; and the ‘gift’ aspect - who it is for. 


This creates four dynamics or quadrants of experience, which occur all the time in human relating, and are of particular importance when we might interact physically.  Our workshops help clarify the four different kinds of consensual agreement you can make.

The Wheel is also an embodied practice, and we use breath and awareness to bring us into a deeper noticing of our body.  Participants are sometimes invited to experience each of the quadrants directly, using simple, clothed touch exercises, mostly limited to the hand and arm. 

IMPORTANT: You do not have to touch, or be touched by anyone else, to take part in these workshops.  All exercises will be demonstrated before we ask you to decide whether or not you would like to practice them, and we will always provide alternatives to sharing touch with another. Those attending with a friend or partner are welcome to share touch solely with that person if that's what you both choose.

Wheel of Consent workshops are designed to improve your skills in all the following:


  • Being clear about the differences between 'consent', 'agreement' and 'permission'

  • Being confident expressing your 'want to',  'willing to' and 'not willing to'

  • Increased awareness of sensation in the body

  • Understanding and integrating the  ‘shadow’ aspects of giving and receiving

  • Authentically and honestly expressing your desires and requests

  • Withdrawing consent clearly and promptly


We can learn to notice our embodied response to any potential situation, trust that our awareness is valid, then value it, and ourselves, enough to communicate it. 


Any resulting physical touch (or any other activity)  is simply the 'optional extra' that may or may not happen at the end of this process.  The key is to remember that we are always in choice, and learning to tune more deeply into our body to access this.

“Informed consent is as new to spirituality as it is to patriarchal capitalism.” - Matthew Remski

Upcoming workshop dates:


"Wheel of Consent Intro"

London, Fri 20 March 2020; 7.15pm-9.45pm

with Rupert James Alison & Rose C Jiggens


"The Wheel and Trauma Awareness"

London, Sat/Sun 21/22 March 2020

with Rupert James Alison & Rose C Jiggens

Spaces on all our workshops must be booked in advance.  Please go to our contact page or email rupert@artofconsent.co.uk for further details and to book.

During the summer we also run a variety of workshops at festivals in the UK and Europe.

Previous workshop dates:


"Wheel of Consent for Partners & Lovers"

Bristol, 9/10 Nov 2019

"Wheel of Consent weekend workshop"

London, 5/6 Oct 2019

"Wheel of Consent Touchless Intro"

London 4 Oct 2019


"The Wheel and the Shadow"

London,  16/17 June 2018


"Introducing the Wheel of Consent"

London,  15 June 2019


"The Wheel of Consent for LGBTQIA+"

Manchester,  25 May 2019


"Introducing the Wheel of Consent"

Totnes,  5 May 2019


"Wheel of Consent weekend workshop"

Manchester,  2/3 March 2019


"Wheel of Consent weekend workshop"

Bristol,  16/17 Feb 2019


"Wheel of Consent weekend workshop"

London,   24/25 November 2018


"Wheel of Consent weekend workshop"

London,   29/30 September 2018


"Wheel of Consent weekend workshop"

Oxford,  23/24 June 2018

Our workshops last anything from 2 hours to 2 days.  Please contact us to find out more

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