Wheel of Consent weekend workshop

This is the core Wheel of Consent workshop, over 2 or 3 days.  It has been designed by Dr. Betty Martin and her colleagues at the School of Consent, to empower you to integrate the principles of the Wheel of Consent into all areas of your life.

 What will we be doing?

  • You will be taught the principles of the Wheel, based around asking the questions: 'Who is doing?' and 'Who is it for?'  This creates four dynamics or quadrants, each of which has a different flavour, and requires a different type of consent agreement.

  • You will be invited to explore a solo practice called 'Waking the Hands'.  This is the foundation of the Wheel as an embodied practice, enabling us to bring more awareness to our own sense of touch, and the feelings and embodied responses which arise from it.

  • The group will reflect together on how our conditioning might close down or distort our expression of each of the consent quadrants, and how we can use the Wheel as a practice to open them up again, both individually and collectively.

  • There will be opportunities to have a direct embodied experience of each of the four quadrants, by sharing some simple clothed touch with other participants, primarily limited to the hand and fore-arm. 


IMPORTANT: You do not have to touch, or be touched by anyone else to take part in this workshop, and we will always provide alternatives to any shared touch.

Who is this workshop for?

  • Anyone interested in having both a conceptual and an embodied understanding of the Wheel of Consent.

  • Anyone interested in being at the fore-front of the newly emerging 'consent culture'.

  • Anyone interested in gently and gradually exploring their own internal body-memories of previous consensual and non-consensual touch.

  • Anyone interested in learning new techniques for self-regulating the nervous system.  

  • Anyone wanting to learn a new consent model for clearer communication in all areas of life - professionally, personally or both.

  • Anyone who has done the Intro workshop, and would like a more complete understanding and experience of the Wheel.

You are welcome to book on your own, or with one or more friends or partners. If you book with partners/friends, you may choose to work mainly or solely with them if you prefer, during any paired exercises.

Upcoming dates for this workshop:


We are hoping to run this workshop again in the Autumn of 2020.  All our 'in person' workshops have been postponed in response to the coronavirus crisis.  If you would like to sign up to our newsletter we will keep you posted.

What is the Wheel of Consent?
Dr. Betty Martin’s Wheel of Consent is a cutting edge model of consent based on, but not requiring, exchanges of touch. It distinguishes between the ‘doing’ aspect of an interaction - who is doing; and the ‘gift’ aspect - who it is for. This creates four dynamics or quadrants of experience, which occur all the time in human relating, and are of particular importance when we interact physically.  


The Wheel is also an embodied practice, which uses breath and awareness to bring us into a deeper noticing of our feelings and our bodily impulses.

Our workshops last anything from 1 hour to 3 days.  Please contact us to find out more