Every summer we love to travel to beautiful festivals in the UK and Europe (mainly of the "no drugs, no alcohol" variety), where we offer short workshops to festival goers.  These include introductions to the Wheel of Consent, and also a variety of workshops where we apply the principles of the Wheel to other creative forms of human connection and expression:


Fun Little Consent Games 

A mix of verbal and non-verbal exercises to help tune into a yes, no, or don't know in your body, then communicate it easefully to others.  Warning: this can be fun! 

Speed Meeting Games

Whether you are looking for friendship, flirtation, a sense of tribe, a lover, a soulmate, a festival buddy, or all the above – welcome!   This is an inclusive space in which we make no assumptions about your gender or orientation. 

Wheel of Consent Intro

 A two-hour workshop where you have the opportunity to experience each of the four 'quadrants' of the Wheel.  Helping to clarify your want to / willing to / not willing to and introducing the quesiton "who is this for?"

Ecstatic Body Painting

An invitation to step into our innocence, creativity and joy, and release body-shame.  Explore skin as canvas, as we tune into and honour each other’s bodies and boundaries,  ending with a celebratory dance. 


Four Elements Touch

We learn four types of touch, based on the elemental principles of Earth, Water, Fire and Air.  These qualities provide a 'menu' of possibilities for the giver, and enable the receiver to communicate exactly the kind of touch they desire.  

Ecstatic Dance

Using the Wheel of Consent to support our dance to feel safer, go deeper, and get more authentic, as we dance solo and with others.  Distinguishing our intentions, and communicating them without words.




We appeared at the following festivals in 2019:

Sexsibility Festival

Angsbacka, Sweden

A festival of conscious relating, intimacy and sexuality at this unique venue.

Buddhafield Festival

Blackdown Hills, UK

My favourite festival of all - full of heart, community and creativity.

Om n Bass Festival

Oxford, UK

Oxford's small but powerful festival of Yoga and Reggae, and lots more besides.

The Sexuality Gathering

Dorset, UK

The longest running festival of intimacy, sexuality and celebration in the UK.


Glastonbury, UK

A queer-inclusive tantra and intimacy festival embracing all sexualities, genders, bodies, sexual preferences and beliefs.

Queer Spirit Festival

Northamptonshire, UK

A celebration of the love, passion and creative spirit of the LGBTQ+ community

Our workshops last anything from 1 hour to 3 days.  Please contact us to find out more