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Most summers we love to travel to beautiful festivals in the UK and Europe (mainly of the "no drugs, no alcohol" variety), where we offer short workshops to festival goers.  These include introductions to the Wheel of Consent, and also a variety of workshops where we apply the principles of the Wheel to other creative forms of human connection and expression.  After more limited festival-going opportunities during the pandemic in 2020/21, we were delighted to visit several festivals in 2022!


Speed Meeting Games

Whether you are looking for friendship, flirtation, a sense of community, a lover, a soulmate, a festival buddy, or all the above – welcome!   This is an inclusive space in which we make no assumptions about your gender or orientation. 

Consent and Boundaries

A variety of short exercises, both solo and in pairs, supporting you to notice your embodied, felt sense of yes, 'hell yes!', no, maybe, don't know, want to, willing to - and express them to another.  The exercises can be fun and playful as well as more contemplative and reflective.  And of course, you can step out at any time.

Wheel of Consent Intro

 A taster workshop in this embodied consent practice  where you have the opportunity to experience each of the four 'quadrants' of the Wheel.  Helping to clarify your want to / willing to / not willing to, and clarifying the question "who is this for?"




We look forward to offering workshops at more festivals in 2023:

Our workshops last anything from 1 hour to 3 days.  Please contact us to find out more

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