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Waking the Hands:

A supported practice fortnight



The core practice of the Wheel of Consent is called 'Waking the Hands'; a simple solo exercise to help us down-regulate and bring aliveness and sensitivity to our sense of touch.

Many people find this a profound meditative practice for enhancing self-awareness and deepening their embodied sense of self-consent

This workshop will be in three parts: we will meet for an hour and a quarter on three occasions each a week apart.  Participants will be supported in an ongoing self-practice of Waking the Hands in the intervening fortnight.

Facilitated by Rupert James Alison.  There will be some simple instructions; embodied solo practice; and some time for sharing with the group and asking questions at each session.  This workshop may interest you if:


  • You are missing touch during lockdown, and would like to be guided and supported through a simple and nurturing touch practice.

  • You are new to the Wheel of Consent and would like to learn the core solo practice of this modality.

  • You are already familiar with Waking the Hands, and joining with others to do the practice might feel supportive and co-regulating.

We will be offering this 1.25 hour workshop on the Zoom platform.  Shortly before each workshop, we will send out joining instructions to participants, which will include details of how to access Zoom.

Contact us to enquire or book a space.

Upcoming Dates:

After a very busy year running online workshops, both for Art of Consent and the School of Consent, we are now exploring when and how we may be able to offer in person workshops once again.  Feel free to sign up to our mailing list and we'll keep you posted...


Here is a selection of our in-person workshops:

- Introducing the Wheel of Consent

- Wheel of Consent weekend workshop

- Wheel of Consent for Partners and Lovers

- Wheel of Consent and Trauma Awareness

- Touch-free Wheel of Consent

- The Art of Consent for Students

- Consent and Yoga

Our workshops last anything from 1 hour to 3 days.  Please contact us to find out more

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