Consent for Students

Getting Really Good at Consent and Boundaries 

a self-care workshop with the Art of Consent

Student consent workshops typically focus on the important issue of the consequences of consent going wrong.  At the Art of Consent, we take a different and complementary approach: learning the best skills available so we can get consent and boundaries right - bringing more clarity, safety and enjoyment to all areas of life, including in the bedroom.

We offer a workshop for students in which we typically spend 90 minutes expanding on section 6 within the Oxford SU Sexual Consent workshop, namely: ‘How can you communicate and check consent?’ for which that workshop allocates just 5 minutes.

There are 3 main elements in the Art of Consent workshop:

  • A range of experiential exercises, mostly in pairs (and always optional), supporting students to slow down, notice and trust their inner felt sense of ‘yes’ or ‘no’, and practice communicating it to another.  There is also the opportunity to share and reflect on their experience.

  • Discussion of the importance for mental health of having clear boundaries and consent in all areas of life, not just the bedroom, while acknowledging the cultural conditioning and personal back-stories which can make this challenging in different ways for people.

  • A brief introduction to the Wheel of Consent, a cutting edge consent model which goes beyond the idea of consent as simply ‘permission’, instead understanding it as four different types of agreement we can proactively make with others, which are applicable in all areas of life.


We have taught consent workshops to thousands of people, many of whom have commented, “If only I had known this when I was younger!”  Between 20 to 40 participants works well, in a spacious room with chairs round the edge and space to move around in the middle. The workshop facilitator, Rupert James Alison, is an accredited facilitator of the Wheel of Consent with Betty Martin’s international School of Consent.   A further option is to train a staff member of the host organisation to facilitate these workshops themselves going forward. 


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Our workshops last anything from 1 hour to 3 days.  Please contact us to find out more