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Consent and the Nervous System - Supported Practice Week:   Online Workshop


This is a 2-part workshop facilitated by Rupert JAmes Alison and Rose C Jiggens.

From fist bumps to foot shakes then a two metre radius – since the arrival of coronavirus our everyday interactions have dramatically changed. Navigating this is greatly helped by cultivating strong consent skills and nervous system awareness. In a recent online workshop we introduced some teachings and theory from the Wheel of Consent and Polyvagal Theory – two models at the leading edge of consent and nervous system understanding.

We are now offering a two-part practice-based workshop based on the same material to help integrate these teachings into everyday life.   If you didn’t attend our first workshop you can catch up by watching a recording we can send you (“Consent and the Nervous System: Self Care and Community Resilience in the age of COVID19”).

The pair of workshops are a week apart.  There will be a range of practices, a little theory, and plenty of time for questions, sharing and group discussion.  We will provide you with a work-book containing processes and questions to aid reflection and integration of the teachings, which you will be invited to use in the interim week (as much or as little as is good for you).

We are still writing the workbook! But we anticipate these are the kinds of questions we will guide you to reflect upon through tailored activities during the week:

  • What arises from and what do you learn through waking the hands as a daily practice?

  • What’s the balance of self care and community care (can mean family or work, just ‘others’) in your life?

  • How do you express your want to, willing to, not willing to?

  • How does your nervous system predominantly respond to stress – upregulate or down regulate? Which of the four Fs do you notice operating in yourself or others?

  • How do you notice nervous systems (your own or other peoples) interacting with consent negotiations?

  • Having noticed some of these things, what strategies can you implement to change the things you would like to change?

We will be offering this 2-part workshop on the Zoom platform.  Shortly before each workshop, we will send out joining instructions to participants, which will include details of how to access Zoom.

Contact us to enquire or book a space.

Upcoming Dates:

After a very busy year running online workshops, both for Art of Consent and the School of Consent, we are now exploring when and how we may be able to offer in person workshops once again.  Feel free to sign up to our mailing list and we'll keep you posted...


Here is a selection of our in-person workshops:

- Introducing the Wheel of Consent

- Wheel of Consent weekend workshop

- Wheel of Consent for Partners and Lovers

- Wheel of Consent and Trauma Awareness

- Touch-free Wheel of Consent

- The Art of Consent for Students

- Consent and Yoga

Our workshops last anything from 1 hour to 3 days.  Please contact us to find out more

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