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Consent and the Nervous System during COVID-19: Online Workshop


In this 2-hour workshops we use teachings from the Wheel of Consent and Polyvagal Theory to help us practice Self Care and Community Resilience in an age of COVID 19.

Facilitated by Rupert James Alison and Rose C Jiggens.  There will be a mix of taught theory with questions; some embodied solo practice; and space for sharing in the group.  This workshop may be helpful for you if:


  • Your home and/or work circumstances have changed and you would appreciate some tools to better notice and communicate your boundaries, needs and desires: distinguishing between your ‘want to’, ‘willing to’, and ‘not willing to’.

  • You are feeling isolated and would alike to tune into what you need to feel co-regulated, connected and safe.

  • You would like some simple self-care practices to help you become more resilient, and more able to support others in need.

  • You would like to better understand the principles of the Wheel of Consent and/or Polyvagal Theory.


We will be offering this 2-hour workshop on the Zoom platform.  Shortly before each workshop, we will send out joining instructions to participants, which will include details of how to access Zoom.

Contact us to enquire or book a space.


After a very busy year running online workshops, both for Art of Consent and the School of Consent, we are now exploring when and how we may be able to offer in person workshops once again.  Feel free to sign up to our mailing list and we'll keep you posted...

Here is a selection of our in-person workshops:

- Introducing the Wheel of Consent

- Wheel of Consent weekend workshop

- Wheel of Consent for Partners and Lovers

- Wheel of Consent and Trauma Awareness

- Touch-free Wheel of Consent

- The Art of Consent for Students

- Consent and Yoga


Our workshops last anything from 1 hour to 3 days.  Please contact us to find out more

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